Tuesday, June 23, 2015

At home

Today I canceled the meeting with my friend. (Sorry, Eiko-san.)
I seem to be very tired, and I can't catch up things I have to do.
Anyway after Yuki went to work, I took a nap.
And I swabbed the floor, toilet and stairs with wet dust cloth (It's a probably traditional Japanese way. I like it instead of using a mop.)  Though I had felt not good, after doing this job I felt much better. Probably it is a kind of exercise, and it will lead to clean myself mentally ( I believe it).
And I cooked preserved food? or you can say appetizer.
Japanese style pickles of cucumber and DAIKON
Pickled zucchini
Carrots rapees
Grilled egg plants dipped soy sauce and DASHI
pumpkin grasset
and simmered cabbage and ground pork

And from now I'm going to start reading books while I keep this sheet on my forehead.

Can you guess what this is for ?
I know it's impossible to lose my winkles, but I want for my frown line not to get deeper ---.
I don't mind whether it works or not, anyway it's one of my ways to release my stress.
Of course I applied my homemade special aroma to ease my stiff shoulders.

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