Friday, June 26, 2015

it's fun

When a hand soup a pump  or an one-push  hand soup appeared instead of traditional hand soup, I was very surprised.
Then, I was also surprised the soup changed a fulid type into a foam type.
(I don't know the correct English words, what do you discribe these days hand soup.)
And I see a hand dispenser in public restrooms. However -- I coulndn't image, such a dispenser type would come out for my home. (Of course it didn't come out naturally, I bouhgt it.)
It was fun. For a while Yuki and I just put our hands in front of it though we didn't need to wash our hands.


Rosa said...

Lol! You have a new toy!

One of my friends has one of these for dish soap, but for me, too much soap comes out. Maybe I'm a miser, but I like to use only a little.

Mieko said...

It's fun, and without making the bottle dirty we can wash hands. And the amount of soup is correct amount. Additionally it works with batteries. However it's a little expensive or you can say it's not expensive compared with my grandchild's toys.