Monday, June 29, 2015

Quail eggs

Yesterday I got lots of quail's eggs from my friend.
She said that they were "the " quail's eggs.
I asked why she added "the".
The eggs were produced in a famous quail farm in MOUKA where it's about 20km far from Utsunomiya. And they are called "Mr.Ebihara's quail egg" in honor of the owner's wonderful work.

They were too lot though it was easy to boil them.
I almost gave up, but Yuki helped me.
And --- I pickled them.
While I was boiling, I cooked other appetizer for this week.

I usually cook appetizer for a week on Mondays, but today I had something to do in the morning.
It's the end of the month, --- so I put fliers of my class into mailboxes by myself.
I printed 400 sheets. And today I did 150 sheets.
I'll do it tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.
Why? I want some senior members and make a senior group to learn English together. Now I have only one senior lady. I hope someone will join us.
Though at Sunday night Yuki and I were cooking, in the afternoon we went to see hydrangeas in a shrine. And we also saw and attended an event, which is called Oharae.
It is done twice a year, at the end of June and at the end of December to remove calamity. We make our self purify, go through the ring three times. First after going through the ring we should turn to left, after the second we should turn to right, and at last we should turn to left??? (I forgot). Anyway after going through the ring third, our calamity must have to be removed.

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