Monday, June 01, 2015

Rose petals water

Do you have roses in your garden? The rose season is almost finished here in Utsunomiya, though we still have lots of roses.
I'm not good at caring for gardens, but I like seeing beautiful gardens. Coincidentally one of my friends took a rose and planted. So I have one rose in my garden. It is very strong, so I don't need to care for. I hear that it's really difficult to let roses open their flowers without pesticide. However the rose in my garden opened the flowers without pesticide this year.
So I suddenly (unfortunately it bloomed the last flowers) had a good idea, "I can make organic rose petals water".
According to the recipe, 100g rose petals and 100 ml pure water are ingredient.
It's easy just put them into a pot, and put it on the stove. Then you should stop before their starting boiling. Then you  cool it, and filter it. You keep it one month in the fridge.
I weighed the last flowers petals--- only 25g
So I add 50 ml pure water (it was too difficult for them to boil.)
And --- most of water was sacked by petals, so I squeeze the petals including lots of water.

The color is clear red. It is said to a rejuvenation herb. (I know this English word for this time.)

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