Friday, June 05, 2015

The last weekday

Now I've finished  cooking kind of appetizer for this weekend. 
This weekend some men come to exterminate terminates . It costs high, though it can't be helped. Last year, we refurnished our kitchen, this year we have to do this thing to keep this house in a good condition . It's getting old like us.
And, Akari and M will come to stay with us for several days. 
Probably it will be difficult to cook something at kitchen, so I cooked these things.

Now I'll organize their room, and go working out as usual.

Staying with them is fun, noisy, troublesome, and fun again.
I'm afraid Yuki has been very busy these days, so it's not sure whether he will stay home , go to his office, or go golfing to let him release from the stress.( On this Sunday it us the day for a big tournament at the club he belongs)

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