Sunday, June 14, 2015

This week

You can guess, why I couldn't update this blog this week. Yes Akari had stayed with us.
Of course her mother M was with her, but she often went out to do her errands.
So I was nursering? playing with her while her mother was out. Though they come about once a month, Akari always forget us, and it takes a while to get used to our house.  but she gets used to our house with her mother, once her mother goes out, she started crying.
And she freezed on me. So I put many? some toys around her and tried to catch her attetion.  She stopped cring for a while, but she started crying again. She did it repeatedly and  -- took a nap for about 30 minutes.
This is the way for me to spend with her in the day.

Let me tell you about Yuki.
Yesterday, he decided to stop his performace which is regurally done once a month at a live house.
Did I tell you? We were in Jazz club at college. Since we moved to Utsunomiya, we managed to keep our music activity though its individual.
When I was in the late 20's, I also played the piano at this live house.
He had continued playing the piano, bass, or guitar for --- oh, 30 years (though it had a time he stopped doing performance, he had been a member of musicans of this live house.)
Anyway he decided to stop his performance, next time he goes to this live house he is a guest.

Well, did you remeber I introduce my easy rose water.
While Akari was here, I often used this steam machine. So I tried making pure distilled herb water, using apple mints which are growin in my garden.
The blue rectangles are blue ie.

I got this one. It's natural and helpful bug repelient for babies.

Additionaly let me tell you about my activity this week.
I went to KARAKU tea room to play the piano --- and I took Aakri and her mother.
I was afraid if Akari started crying. But nothing happend. Once starting the piano music she fell into sleep on her mother's keens.
After my performance I got this fruit jerry and had a nice coffe.

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