Monday, June 22, 2015

Wow! Ten days has alreday passed.

ーI don't believe it, the last update was ten days ago.
What was I doing?
Probably I has been busy, however I don't like to use the word "busy".
The reason is --- I'll write later.

Did I tell you that these days I'm into aromatic oil therapy, and I try  not to take medicine, especially a cure for headache and for stability. It works, and it become one of my hobbies and it also engaged all members of my family. In his case I made a bottle of preventing odor for old men. He seems to enjoy the bottle. I made a bottle of concentrating for my younger daughter, and I made a bottle of relaxing for my elder daughter.

However, babies are prohibited from using aroma.
So I made something natural for Akari,  --- once I did it for my two daughters.

In the back yard, I have two loquat trees, and two fig trees,though they are not so big.
And the leaves are said to be very effective for our skin.
So these days Akari is suffering from heat rash, so I made loquat-leave water.
It's easy, just simmer loquat leaves with water for a while, and stop before boiling.
It worked for my daughters who used to be suffering from atopy.

How ever this spring I had the trees trimmed a lot, so it doesn't have enough leaves. (It is said that young leaves are not so effective)

So I pickled the old leaves and pickled them into vodka (Jan, are you reading it? It's not your vodka).
After the summer it become mild loquat extractive.

On the other hand, it recalls me bath water with natural leaves.
This year loquat leaves are all for Akari, so we use --- yes, fig leaves.
It is also said fig leaves bath is good for our skin ,and it makes more warm.

I enjoy my life with my garden.

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