Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hot hot hot

These are our main dishes for this week. Most of them have already gone.
I made them this Monday.
Most of things are cold, and they are really suitable for our breakfast and my lunch &dinner.
Especially cold pumpkin soup were good.
Since I updated this blog a week has passed and we have had hot days.
I know Japanese summer is hot, but this year it suddenly got hot. So I see the news that some one die by heat stroke on the newspaper. Probably more people die than usual.
Last weekend I had two events.
One was to read English picture books at the library. Last weekend was three-day weekend. However ten couples ( I didn't except it) attended to it.

Another event was another kid's event which was organized by my company, so I had to attend it as a teacher.

Anyway I made it.

These days my snack is this one.

Carrots and honey juice.
It is really tasty though it's  a little bit troublesome to pill carrots and wash the mixer.

Well, well, I got this bunch of lavender. I'm drying them. It is spreading the good smell. It makes me forget this hotness.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It's really difficult.

This is the text book I use for high school students.
We have to explain about these pictures which are popular in Japan, but probably are not familiar in other countries.
Can you explain these pictures?
The answers are ---probably---
1, It's a kind of buzzer, you push this button in order to call the waitstaff anytime you want service.
2, It's a kind of spatula, it is designed for cutting and eating okonomiyaki or monjayaki not just for cooking it.
3. It might be interesting. You press the button to make a flash sound so that people don't hear any bathroom noise.
Well, about No,3 -- I did a search and found this explanation. I really thought "Oh, I get it".

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Too hot

Since the day before yesterday, it has been hot-- too hot. Four days ago it was so cold that I wore a sweater -- you might be surprised. But on the day I went out and saw a man wearing a sweater, so I knew that I didn't need to pretend to be OK without wearing sweater. It's right, isn't it. It was cold, so I wore a sweater --it is self-evident.
Anyway it's too hot. So I picked some herbs from my garden and made herb tea and let it cool.
While I was picking some herbs, I also picked DOKUDAMI (someone says it's a kind of Japanese herb, and other people say it's pesky weed. For me, this time it's an important herb without pesticide.
I picked some, and washed them, and pickled them into vodka. in three weeks, it will come a natural bug spray for AKARI. Yes, the pretty & noisy, smiling&crying AKARI comes. She will be one year in this month. How fast time flies!
Last Sunday Yuki and I went to downtown. It was the day that Utsunomiwa city was bombed out in the air rise. I heard about 800 people were killed. Paper lanterns were floated on the river to hold a memorial service and not to forget the war.
These days in Japan we discuss about Article 9 of the constitution. It is too difficult for me to say something. But we had the war, we did the war, it's true, And we shouldn't wage war again.


Friday, July 10, 2015

It's Friday

No I've had lunch which are the leftover of our breakfast and Gyouza I filed.
If you are Japanese, it looks strange. 

Well finally Friday has come.
To tell the truth it was difficult for me to adjust the change of temperature. Yesterday I was almost in bed, though I did my lessons.
Today I'm getting better and the weather is getting warmer, so I could go out to do my workout at a  gym.

On these early weekdays I went out alone.
I went to see a movie alone. Though you might be surprised it was the first time for me to see the movie. The movie depicted Hansen's disease, and the patient is acted by my favorite senior, so I really wanted to see the movie. Of course it was impressing.

It was Monday morning so 

There were only six senior ladies including me. Utsunomiya is a provincial Ccity, in the media is so we don't have many theaters. There are two big theaters, which are first-run theaters, in the big shopping malls. So I think if I went there alone, I would feel lonely. On the other hand the theater  I went this time is a small theater. It seemed to be a private space.

Seeing movie for myself is added as one of my hobbies and one of my relaxing ways. 

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Do you think fast-food restaurants are reponsible for obesty?

Now I've eaten up plenty of "meat" for my lunch. Probably it gave me enough energy to work from now to the night.
It became "minor (not great) news a few weeks ago in Japan that using trans-fatty acid into foods is going to be prohibited in three years in Japan. I don't know why in Japan it wouldn't have become great new. I think business community ( especially food business community) would have applied pressure to spread the news.
On the other hand these days we see more coconut oil, and flax oil in the supermarkets. It's interesting.
Anyway what do you think fast-food restaurants will be like in 3 years?
Can they pursue more healthy food?

This breakfast is served at MOS -burger. We call this rice-burger. Probably it's a kind of fast-food or junk-food. However I like it.
Sometimes I like such a fast-food, it's convenient and tasty.
I know that having breakfast at such a fast-food restaurant, I don't feel hungry until noon, on the other hand , when I have my "healthy" breakfast at home and go out, I feel hungry past 10:30.
This is today's breakfast. Today I'm at home, so I ate lunch at noon.

Friday, July 03, 2015

What do you think public transportation will be like in 30 years?

In 30 years, I will be over 80 or you can say I will be near 90. So it's difficult to think about it.
For these 30 years public transportation has changed a lot. Many people have cars, especially in provincial area it's difficult to live easily without cars. However it's only a matter of time before many  senior people can't drive by themselves.
So I think auto driving electric car for one or two people (does it make sense?) will be popular in 30 years. If it comes true, I will be able to go out by myself without drivers.
What do you think of it?

Wednesday, July 01, 2015


Today I learnt a new word "moxibustion" from a dictionary.
We usually call "OKYU", so sorry  in this blog let me use the word OKYU instead of moxibustion.
Additionally I also learnt we use MOGUSA leaves on OKYU, and the English word named after MOKUSA (MOGUSA).
Monday this set was delivered, of course I bought it on the Internet.
I had been in interested in OKYU, while I thought it would be "troublesome".
However I decided to try it. And I also want to do OKYU to Yuki.

Okyu is smilier to acupuncture. We use hot MOGUSA instead of needles.
Can you see smoke? Though there is a non-smoke type, I used a traditional type.
Than I expected it was easy to do it.

I used OKYU for senen-kyu which has been very popular for a long time in Japan.
This morning before Yuki went to work I did 5 minute OKYU for Yuki.

And this afternoon I did 20 minute OKYU for myself to make myself relax.
Are you interested in it?