Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Do you think fast-food restaurants are reponsible for obesty?

Now I've eaten up plenty of "meat" for my lunch. Probably it gave me enough energy to work from now to the night.
It became "minor (not great) news a few weeks ago in Japan that using trans-fatty acid into foods is going to be prohibited in three years in Japan. I don't know why in Japan it wouldn't have become great new. I think business community ( especially food business community) would have applied pressure to spread the news.
On the other hand these days we see more coconut oil, and flax oil in the supermarkets. It's interesting.
Anyway what do you think fast-food restaurants will be like in 3 years?
Can they pursue more healthy food?

This breakfast is served at MOS -burger. We call this rice-burger. Probably it's a kind of fast-food or junk-food. However I like it.
Sometimes I like such a fast-food, it's convenient and tasty.
I know that having breakfast at such a fast-food restaurant, I don't feel hungry until noon, on the other hand , when I have my "healthy" breakfast at home and go out, I feel hungry past 10:30.
This is today's breakfast. Today I'm at home, so I ate lunch at noon.

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