Friday, July 10, 2015

It's Friday

No I've had lunch which are the leftover of our breakfast and Gyouza I filed.
If you are Japanese, it looks strange. 

Well finally Friday has come.
To tell the truth it was difficult for me to adjust the change of temperature. Yesterday I was almost in bed, though I did my lessons.
Today I'm getting better and the weather is getting warmer, so I could go out to do my workout at a  gym.

On these early weekdays I went out alone.
I went to see a movie alone. Though you might be surprised it was the first time for me to see the movie. The movie depicted Hansen's disease, and the patient is acted by my favorite senior, so I really wanted to see the movie. Of course it was impressing.

It was Monday morning so 

There were only six senior ladies including me. Utsunomiya is a provincial Ccity, in the media is so we don't have many theaters. There are two big theaters, which are first-run theaters, in the big shopping malls. So I think if I went there alone, I would feel lonely. On the other hand the theater  I went this time is a small theater. It seemed to be a private space.

Seeing movie for myself is added as one of my hobbies and one of my relaxing ways. 


Helen said...

How was the movie? I'm interested in that movie, but I think I have to wait and see if there are English subtitles on the DVD!

I like going to see a movie by myself. I go quite often when there is a movie I want to see and I think my husband won't like it! We go to see movies together a lot. Sometimes if he is tired he falls asleep....

It looks like you have a nice theater. We have a good one in Tsuruoka now too. It is in a converted silk factory so the space is very interesting.

Have a good weekend :-)

Mieko said...

I really hope that the monie will be translated in 3
English. This theater us very old, so so a visitor by themselves can feel very relax without feeling linrliness, disturbing noise, smell,etc.
The theater you mentioned sound ps wonderful. Ok when I visit Rsuruoka, I'll go there. Have a good weekend, too.
Today it got sunny, I've already hanged all the laundry out.