Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It's really difficult.

This is the text book I use for high school students.
We have to explain about these pictures which are popular in Japan, but probably are not familiar in other countries.
Can you explain these pictures?
The answers are ---probably---
1, It's a kind of buzzer, you push this button in order to call the waitstaff anytime you want service.
2, It's a kind of spatula, it is designed for cutting and eating okonomiyaki or monjayaki not just for cooking it.
3. It might be interesting. You press the button to make a flash sound so that people don't hear any bathroom noise.
Well, about No,3 -- I did a search and found this explanation. I really thought "Oh, I get it".


Helen said...

For number three, I think you mean flushing, as in flush the toilet. So, I'd probably say, "You press the button to make a flushing sound to cover any embarrassing noises in the bathroom/washroom/toilet."

It's a really funny thing for most of us Westerners. We expect that there will be embarrassing noises and just try to ignore them in the washroom or public toilets!

Hope this helps!

Mieko said...

Thanks for your suggestion . The key Word is embarrassing, isn't it?
Yes we (Japanese adults) feel the real sound embarrassing, so your suggestion us completely right.
On the oter hand , I thought epithet sentence I found must have been written by a person who doesn't understand what makes Jalanwse people feel embarrassed.