Wednesday, July 01, 2015


Today I learnt a new word "moxibustion" from a dictionary.
We usually call "OKYU", so sorry  in this blog let me use the word OKYU instead of moxibustion.
Additionally I also learnt we use MOGUSA leaves on OKYU, and the English word named after MOKUSA (MOGUSA).
Monday this set was delivered, of course I bought it on the Internet.
I had been in interested in OKYU, while I thought it would be "troublesome".
However I decided to try it. And I also want to do OKYU to Yuki.

Okyu is smilier to acupuncture. We use hot MOGUSA instead of needles.
Can you see smoke? Though there is a non-smoke type, I used a traditional type.
Than I expected it was easy to do it.

I used OKYU for senen-kyu which has been very popular for a long time in Japan.
This morning before Yuki went to work I did 5 minute OKYU for Yuki.

And this afternoon I did 20 minute OKYU for myself to make myself relax.
Are you interested in it?


Rosa said...

I've had acupuncture, but I've never tried this before. Does it hurt at all? The type I've seen uses big cups and leaves large bruises!

Mieko said...

Thanks for your comments, the old type (though we still have it) is a little bit painful, and leaves "small" bruises. However the world of OKYU has improved, this type is not painful. On the other hand for me it's too week. I was expected more painful.
Anyway it's fun.