Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Too hot

Since the day before yesterday, it has been hot-- too hot. Four days ago it was so cold that I wore a sweater -- you might be surprised. But on the day I went out and saw a man wearing a sweater, so I knew that I didn't need to pretend to be OK without wearing sweater. It's right, isn't it. It was cold, so I wore a sweater --it is self-evident.
Anyway it's too hot. So I picked some herbs from my garden and made herb tea and let it cool.
While I was picking some herbs, I also picked DOKUDAMI (someone says it's a kind of Japanese herb, and other people say it's pesky weed. For me, this time it's an important herb without pesticide.
I picked some, and washed them, and pickled them into vodka. in three weeks, it will come a natural bug spray for AKARI. Yes, the pretty & noisy, smiling&crying AKARI comes. She will be one year in this month. How fast time flies!
Last Sunday Yuki and I went to downtown. It was the day that Utsunomiwa city was bombed out in the air rise. I heard about 800 people were killed. Paper lanterns were floated on the river to hold a memorial service and not to forget the war.
These days in Japan we discuss about Article 9 of the constitution. It is too difficult for me to say something. But we had the war, we did the war, it's true, And we shouldn't wage war again.


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