Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Do you know the word "head spa"?

Yesterday, coincidentally a woman dropped by my house and gave me "head spa".
And now I checked the word of  "head spa" on the net. -- It is JAPANAESE.
Head means or course head, and spa means hot spring.
Head-spa is a kind of massage on our head to clean the skin of scalp, massage it and recuperation( or healing) the hair--- according to the information I got.

Anyway I had  a 10 minute head-spa. It was good.

She gave a compliment about my skin of scalp. "How soft your scalp is!, so you have good blood flow.".
It seems to be the first time for me to get such compliment about my body or my health condition.
As you know I'm suffering from stuffed shoulders, and sensitivity to cold (to tell the truth today I put a hot compress on my back to stimulate a pressure point against coldness.)

Probably this must work well.

I give myself massage on my head every morning to prevent from losing hair.

Well, unfortunately having soft skin of scalp doesn't mean being clever, but anyway getting a compliment pleased me.

I searched more about soft skin of scalp on the net.

Having too soft (flabby)  skin of scalp means ---

having too bad blood flow
immune compromise
lack of energy
and being negative

These symptoms seem to be applied to me. Automatically I laughed wryly.

How's your skin of scalp?


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Not so bad

Since last week I've been takeing medicine. It works well. So this weekend I was able to go out with Yuki and enjoyed outside.

Yesterday in downturn an interesting event was held. Some manufacturers demonstrated there works, and many kids joined their workdshop. We would have tried some, however adults had no business doing.

A famouse (though a little) actress came to do a talk show. 

And today  we went to a hot spring nearby. 

And since this evening while we are watching TV, we are slobing at home. 

New week starts soon. 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

I'm at clinic.

Good morning. It's about 9:30 am.

I'm waiting for my turn. These days I have not been in a good condition. I have had Chinese medicine and did this week's job.
However my condition is griping worse , and from this day 5 weekends has started. So only today the clinic us open.

I got here before 9 o'clock.

Every this session my condition tends to be bad because of allergy. 
My allergy causes tiredness , horse voice,  and sometimes a slight fever. 

I hope this condition is caused by my usual allergy.

This afternoon Akari (and her family,it means my daughter and my son-in-law)
So I got up earlier than usual.

Even though I won't be able to cook well, they will manage to do our meals. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

What's this?

Have you ever seen this gadget?

It's a machine of making grape fruit juice.
This Sunday Yuki and I went out to down town.
Though in some cities near Utsunomiya, and some towns in Utsunomiya they have been still in troubles, the situation of  downtown is OK.
In downtown a small fair was held. We dropped by.

She is drawing a portrait---- who? Ours.

We had a calm weekend.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

It has been rainig.

Though typhoon doesn't hit this area directly, it has been raining since this Monday.
Even though there are only two members, for these three days we have lots of laundry they don't get  dry yet because all of them are dried in the room. I don't have drier. So since this morning the heater and the dehumidifier have been working.
I thought I would have gone to a laundry shop nearby, but it's raining hard, so I gave up.
Yesterday it was also rain, but thankfully three regular listeners and a man came to listen to KARAKU.
Do you know Paul Klee who is a painter? Recently his exhibition was held in our city art museum.
His paints are so popular in Japan, so a famous poet gets afloat  some books and picture books with his poems.
Yesterday my partner who is a recitalist and actress read some poems from this book and I played some tunes on piano along her reading.
I like this style, and the atmosphere. The time spends very slow.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Too much garlic

These are appetizer for this week. I get a box of vegetables once a week from a farmer directly. So I cook them as appetizer at a time.
Usually I cook green leaves with sesame, or KATSUOBUSHI(dried bonito). I'm a little bit tired of the tastes. So this time I cooked KUSHINNA-leaves&stalks with olive oil & garlic.
Today I made fried noodle (you mentioned that you can say it chaw mein). Then I added olive KUSHINNA.

It tasted good, but--- now I feel full of garlic tasted in my mouth.
On no! In an hour I have to go out. Today it is my recital day at KARAKU tea room.

Friday, September 04, 2015

It's strange.

September has already started. This month I decided to subscribe to the newspaper for kids.
It's very interesting. For me it's really easy to understand our political things.
And the English page is fun, but---
sometimes it's not so good.
This time stalls of food stands in summer festivals are introduced.
cotton candy, shaved ice, shooting gallery, goldfish scooping--they are OK. (though these days mable scooping  is more popupalr than goldfish scooping.)
However --- chow mein ---. Probably fried noodle is easier to understand, but it 's OK, because in Chinese it's called chow mein.
The strange thing is the KATAKANA sound. It's  ch- o- m-ai-n.
I think if we try to write in KATAKANA, it's ch-au-m-ai-n.
What do you think of it?