Wednesday, September 09, 2015

It has been rainig.

Though typhoon doesn't hit this area directly, it has been raining since this Monday.
Even though there are only two members, for these three days we have lots of laundry they don't get  dry yet because all of them are dried in the room. I don't have drier. So since this morning the heater and the dehumidifier have been working.
I thought I would have gone to a laundry shop nearby, but it's raining hard, so I gave up.
Yesterday it was also rain, but thankfully three regular listeners and a man came to listen to KARAKU.
Do you know Paul Klee who is a painter? Recently his exhibition was held in our city art museum.
His paints are so popular in Japan, so a famous poet gets afloat  some books and picture books with his poems.
Yesterday my partner who is a recitalist and actress read some poems from this book and I played some tunes on piano along her reading.
I like this style, and the atmosphere. The time spends very slow.


Rosa said...

It sounds like a lovely afternoon of music and art and poetry. And I love the turn of phrase, "The time spends very slow."

As I get older, I realized how quickly time passes and slow moments are too few and far between!

Mieko said...

Thanks for your comments. This early morning an emergency warning because of heavy this heavy rain was issued in this area. Some parts of rivers and roads are flooded. Thankfully there seems not to have probrems in my place. Now (at noon) it seems to get back usual rain, today I'm spending a quiet time alone.