Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Do you know the word "head spa"?

Yesterday, coincidentally a woman dropped by my house and gave me "head spa".
And now I checked the word of  "head spa" on the net. -- It is JAPANAESE.
Head means or course head, and spa means hot spring.
Head-spa is a kind of massage on our head to clean the skin of scalp, massage it and recuperation( or healing) the hair--- according to the information I got.

Anyway I had  a 10 minute head-spa. It was good.

She gave a compliment about my skin of scalp. "How soft your scalp is!, so you have good blood flow.".
It seems to be the first time for me to get such compliment about my body or my health condition.
As you know I'm suffering from stuffed shoulders, and sensitivity to cold (to tell the truth today I put a hot compress on my back to stimulate a pressure point against coldness.)

Probably this must work well.

I give myself massage on my head every morning to prevent from losing hair.

Well, unfortunately having soft skin of scalp doesn't mean being clever, but anyway getting a compliment pleased me.

I searched more about soft skin of scalp on the net.

Having too soft (flabby)  skin of scalp means ---

having too bad blood flow
immune compromise
lack of energy
and being negative

These symptoms seem to be applied to me. Automatically I laughed wryly.

How's your skin of scalp?


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