Wednesday, October 07, 2015

From a radio program

I listened to NHK radio program in English.
It was an interesting article.

This is that Technology & Business: Responding to Your Specific Needs - New Housekeeping Services

(I don't know how long we can listen to it on the net.)

Here in Japan having housemaids is not so popular (among not the upper class), of course I can't afford to hire a housemaid either.

However looking back to about 50 years ago, not only the upper class but also landowners or some middle class people used to hire some housemaids. (Well, my grandaunt was single forever, and worked as a professor at a women university, and she hired a housemaid, which was also her friend, my great grand parents hired some housemaids because there were lots of people to live together.)

Now, it's completely different.

And now we face the population decline  because of the declining birthrate, though increasing the number of senior people.

So for senior people they have no one to help them. It means they might need someone who do house chores instead of them. However the people in their 60's or 70's are not used to accept other people who do house chores or ask something to other people .

For young people in their 30's or 40's, probably after 10 or 20 years, it will be usual that  a couple work "outside" together, (I think doing housework at home is a kind of work.), so they might need a house made, but what such a housemaid does? Do they live in such a big house?
Such couples don't have free time in weekdays, so they can't go to bank or post office  to do fill out paperwork. However housemaids won't be able to take care of such paperwork because these days it's really difficult to deal with personal information.

---- sorry I can't put together my thoughts. (even though in Japanese).

Anyway the article was interesting.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mieko, here are some things a house maid might do here in the US. of course it depends on how often they come and the health and physical abilities of the homeowner. Here are some of the duties...Heavy house cleaning, such as cleaning floors, windows, the bathroom, refrigerator and oven, also dusting furniture. Laundry, including ironing. Changing the bedding. For people who need it (elderly or sick), doing outside errands such as buying groceries and perhaps preparing meals to be heated later in the week. Getting medication, going to the post office. Taking someone to appointments such as the doctor or hair dresser or the bank. Some times it might include helping the person pay their bills or arrange repairs to the home. These people are called caregivers.
For younger couples, both usually is basic house cleaning.
House cleaning is very common here in the US and generally it is considered an independent business that pays well. Most house cleaners work every day in different homes, often two or three houses every day. Often they work in "teams" with two or three people. The majority of my friends have house cleaning service...some once a week and others twice a month. Jan

Mieko said...

Thanks Jan, I learned a new ord of caregiver. In Japan there are careworkers like caring eldery people, usually they don't have a licnese of nursery.

Well, well, you know both of Yuki and me, and our house, so if we asked something to house made --- what we would ask to her or him?

Actaully we asked a gardner to oraganize our garden once a year.
I hope if we would ask a someone to clean all windows once or twice a year.
(Actaully there are professional cleaners, but it's very expensive.)

Asking to cook our meals? I think it's really difficult for him or her to satisfy with us.
Of course depends on the cost.

So the article says "new" house keepin service.
It's fun to think about what kind of services are suitable for future elderly people and furture young peopl.