Friday, October 09, 2015

How much is it if I asked someone to clean the windows?

Well, well, according to the newspaper, you should start house cleaning (Here in Japan in December is the season of general house cleaning not spring cleaning. Because I think, in December we don't have much pollen, we don't have much rain even though it's really cold.) from this month little by little ( for senior people.)

I think it's a good idea.
What people usually do?
Cleaning conditioners, cleaning  the kitchen stove and a kitchen ventilating fan, and cleaning the bath room and cleaning the windows.

In our case, we usually do cleaning the windows.
(we often skip cleaning conditioners and ventilating fan.)
This house is old, so compared with current houses, we have more windows.
And -- if we were too old to clean the windows ---
I looked up the cost on the net.
It costs 400 yen a pair of large windows currently.

well, well,  additionally, it costs at least 12000yen to clean an air conditioner, and it costs also 12000 yen to clean a ventilating fan.


Rosa said...

I think it's about the same where I am in the US. We're about to have our air conditioner serviced and shut down for winter and it's about $60--but it has to be cleaned and turned on in the spring and that's about $60, too! So $120 or about 12000 yen per year to have someone take care of our air conditioner.

Mieko said...

Thanks for your comments, Rosa. We'll there is a difference. You have central heating system,so you have one big air conditioner in each house. On the other hand we have a small air conditioner in each room, (so not all rooms) we have three air conditioners even though we have 6 small rooms.