Monday, November 30, 2015

6 guests from 6 countries.

The biggest event of this year for me was finished with big success.
Once a year Utsunoniya City International Association holds a event "let's read picture books in foreign countries together".
It is the seventh time event. I'm really happy to join it this year again.
This time 6 people who are from Italy, German, Syria, Philippines, Kirghiz, and Costa Rica joined it.
Of course they live in Utsunomiya. I always surprised that even in this small town some  people come and live from foreign countries and the countries are really various.
This time I supported a lady from Philippines. Philippines have two official languages, Tagalog and English. I supported her speaking in English.
It was fun.
Many people and kids joined us.

I participated in this event as a volunteer. But it's really good. Though the spread-over is long, it's almost all day, lunch is served (not so bad) and after the main event we have a small tea party and I get 1000 yen for a transportation cost.
I bought this book from my wallet, so I payed more than I received.
However it's OK, all participants did that, they cooked something, they printed photos in large size --etc. All participants are volunteers including the guests. It was fun.
This Japan, of course. I try to listen to world news every day. However it's Japan, it's isolated.
Yesterday at the party I talked with a lady from Syria and German. For them  the issue of refugee and religion is a "real" topic.
I know my English skill is not so good, however moreover I have nothing to talk to them. What I could was just listening to their conversation.
She came as a government sponsored foreign student 5 years ago, now she has studied as a self supporting international student. Her parents took refuge to German, now she has no house in Syria
The man from German showed his complicated feeling frankly.
I was very surprised. --- This is what I can say now.

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