Sunday, November 08, 2015

Haiku at mamada shrine

Today, though it was raining we went out to see an exhibition and to a shrine.
The shrine is Mamada-shrine, which is famous for HIKU (It is a kind of short poem and the style has 5-7-5 sounds in Japanese.) At the shrine HIKU we make is be able to dedicated for free, and  the HIKUs which are made in the month are showed on the bulletin board in the shrine.
Kouyou no  Hitotsu hitotsu to  Tebanashite
Colourful leaves falling down one by one

Hachi kiku no  Enji hounou Omokarou
How heavy such kindergarten kids put the pots of chrysanthemum to dedicate

In the shrine there is a smouring, it's unusual. In this area, SUMOU for kids is popular.
Amefurino Sabishiki Dohou(smou ring) Aki omoi kana
What a lonely smou-ring, looking like sentimental in autumn rain

This place is a gallery where my friend holds an exhibition.
She makes accessory with MIZUHIKI which is a kind of string.
MIZUHIKI no  Gold hana ni  Kureru Aki
Shining gold Mizuhiki while it's drawing in one autumn day

I hope you understand my HIKU.

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