Thursday, November 12, 2015

In the middle of fall

Last Tuesday it was a day for me as a pianist. I played the piano, and applied some tunes along  some poems which were read by Ukai-san. Ukai-san is a professional actress.
I'm lucky to do something with her.
This is not a job, but it's a lucky thing to get a chance to play the piano  in public.
After the performance I enjoyed this tea-set.


Yesterday I got this basil sauce. My friend made it from fresh basil in her garden.
To tell the truth, these days I don't like spaghetti very much.
Well, well, here in Japan basil spaghetti is very popular.
She recommended to use it with toast though French bread is popular to eat with bail sauce in Japan.
I tried. The bread is soft but it's not crunch. However it was tasty.

Just one strange thing is that --- simmered with vegetables with soy sauce taste didn't suit to the bread with basil.


Anonymous said...

Here, we use the Italian pesto sauce made with basil. It's very easy to make in a food processor...fresh basil leaves, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese, fresh garlic and salt mixed together to form a paste...then slowly add olive oil to make it a "sauce." You are correct, it has a unique, delicate taste and fights with other strong flavors such as soy or vinegar. That's why it is used in something bland such as pasta. But, it could be used with rice, as well. (Although my impression is that adding other tastes into rice is not popular in Japsn.). I often use a spoonful in cooked vegetables, such as green beans or broccoli. On your bread, it would be nice with sliced tomatoes or cheese. Sometimes I will add a spoonful of pesto sauce in soup. Some times I just cut up some fresh basil leaves and sprinkle them on salad, on sliced tomatoes, on cottage cheese. Jan

Mieko said...

About rice, I guess you are right, some young people like to eat rice with butter,mayonnaise , or, cheese which is put directly on a bowl of hot rice.
The toast with basil sauce is tasty,. However, as you know our usual bread is really sticky. So even if the outside of it is crunchy, the inside is still sticky. So I think toasted French bread is moreauital le to this basil sauce.

Thanks jan, for your comments, and the apple cider .