Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Our Halloween

November has started, it means the noisy and happy Halloween has gone.
All students including Akari carved pumpkins. (this year I got them from HOKKAIDOU)

Some students made spider pancake with Halloween sprikle.

Some students made skeleton hans with pop corn.

And most students (unfortnately two stdudents couldn't join us becasue of their school trip) did trick or treat. Two neighbours opend the doors, and three neigbours helped us.
I'm not sure sunce when Halloween has popualr in Japan.
Well, well, here in Japan, Halloween means wearing costumes.
This year here and there Costume parties were held.
At some places, the entering fee got free if you wear costumes.
It was fun.
The main event "trick or treat" is not so popualr, probably not so many houses won't open their house.
Anyway Halloween has gone.
Mieko you did a good job! OTUKARESAN(this is Japanese famous word to encorage people.)

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