Sunday, November 15, 2015


Today it's Sunday. Now it's around 5 PM. Yuki doesn't come back yet from golfing.
Today in the morning I went to the library and did a volunteer work of reading English picture books.
At first there was only a girl in the room, she came back earlier than starting time and was looking forward to listening to my story.
I thought that I could read books for only this girl.
However, after the announce, some parents and their kids come, so thankfully the room was full of people. I was so happy.

Well, after the event, ever one left except me. I felt a little bit lonely-- it can't be helped.
15 years ago ( I started this volunteer work at that time), I used to do such activities with my daughters. So such volunteer works were a kind of "family events".
Now I do by myself. (Sometimes my friends or the member of my reading club join me, however, today no one came)
Anyway, after that I went to a cafe and had lunch own.
Well, well, sometimes it's lonely to have lunch alone especially on Sundays. So I need to chose a cafe cautiously.

I chose one cafe -- there were "many" women or men who seem to be in our generation or elder than me alone to have lunch like me.
so I didn't feel alone.
Everybody enjoyed their own time there.
Then I received acupuncture. Did I tell you, these days  I'm into moxibusion. I learned pressure points from the pratitioner of acupuncture. I got about one and a half your treatment.
Then I got home, and cooked appetite for this week.        

Please notice the bottle. I made "vinegar-onion" requested by Yuki.
Now it's a little bit featured for keeping us healthy.
Do you know vinegar-onion.
Slice three onions and leave them about 15 minutes. Don't put them in the water.
Prepare a jar. and put 500ml vinegar and add 5 table spoon of honey.
And soak the onions into them.
You don't need any oil.
If you are interested in it, why don't you try it?

P.S good morning. I add some vinegar-onion to potatoes which is just dimpled boiled with mayonnaise and pickles.



Rosa said...

I'm curious about the onion recipe. Do you cook the onion at all or just soak it in the vinegar and honey? What food can you serve the onions with?

It sounds very good! I want to try it.

Mieko said...

Thanks for your comment. Yuki eats itself as appetizer. Today I baked toast, he put dime on the toast. And I made Shrimple potato salada with mayoneise and pickles and add some of them.

Rosa said...

Thank you! That sounds delicious. I will try. :)