Friday, November 20, 2015

Yogurt&cheese cake

Do you remember? I make homemade yogurt at home and have it for our breakfast.
However it's fall, so I don't like to eat something cold though Yuki doesn't matter.
These days I didn't serve my yogurt, and it is left--- what a waste!
So I searched for some good ideas on the Internet. How useful the Internet is!
I drained yogurt, it took a day.--- and according to the recipe I found , it is the most important process.
And I add cream cheese, granulated sugar (it is the second important point)
and bake it with water in the oven. (puting water in the pan is the third important point.)

Perfect breakfast.
This yogurt& cheese cake can be kept for about four days in the fridge.
So I got another menu of "appetizer for a week"

Today it is the last weekday. It's a long day for me, I have lessons until 10 o'clock.
I'll do my best and enjoy the day with students.

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