Wednesday, December 30, 2015

All members are in Utsunomiya

It's 30 today, unusually all members are in Utsunomiya.

Well, all ladies are making Osechi.

Where is Akari?
She is playing with Yuki---- probably. Because they are on the upstairs, and we don't hear her crying. So, they are ok.

I Gound thisYou Tube,  

If you are interested in Osechi. Please take a look.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Coming back from Tokyo

Last late night Yuki, my elder daughter T, and I came back  from Tokyo by car.
Well,well,we'll finally I could buy these doughnuts.

You might know this. 
They launched in Japan about 5 or 6 years ago, and they caught a big hit --- only in Tokyo. 
Or you can say they have branches only inTokyo.  I don't know they have branches in other cities, however unfortunately we don't have any branches inUtaunomiya.

I used to ask my dangers to buy them when they came back here. However they would say "I have a big bag, so I can't have more things".

And---- I've forgotten the existence of he shop.

However, yesterday we came back to TOKYO  in the day ( when we go to TOKYO by car to avoid congestion, we usually go there very early morning or late night, so most of shops are still not opend or already closed), I notice a branch near my mother's house is open. 
I blamed my elder daughter again saying why you don't tell me the existence of the branch nere my mother's house.

She said " I thought you would have lost an intereseted to the shop".

Anyway I could bought, I have wanted more, but they couldn't be frozen.
These were today's our breakfast.

Well, well in a few hours, "the" adorable and noisy girl comes. I'm cooking for her.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Family winter vacation has started .

My mother who is 80 has come to Tochigi. It has passed three years sine she came here last time.

She doesn't like to take Shinkasen because Tokyo station is congested and complicated for her. So she came here by local train at ease, of course my elder dauber accompanied .

We stayed in a Japanese inn whic has hot springs. "Hot springs", it's prural. Because it has three kinds of hot springs. 

These are our dinner and breakfast.
Now we are going to Tokyo to take her back by car. 

Saturday, December 26, 2015

The new year is just around the corner.


Our Christmas party was finished with a big succes.
I'm satisfied with being a cordinater
And as the sun rose, I started to prepare for the new year.
I put away all things for Christams and took things for the New year.

I'm finished for preparation. Now I'm at PC and doing some crerical things.
Well, tomorrow my mother comes with my elder daughter. Another busy week will have started.
I might be able to update this blog via my Ipone though only photos will be up.
Have a happy new year!!!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas week has started

Now the last business week in this year has started. In next week our (Yuki, and my) family task week (as grand parents, and parents) will gave start. Before the busy week (though you can say it's a happy winter vacation it's the busiest week in a year for us), let's enjoy Christmas week. Last week my students and I made cookie trees.

The materials are still left. So some neighbor kids will come to make one this week.

Sunday, December 13, 2015


What? Today, it's Sunday, Yuki stays home. For him, it was only this day to stay home on Sundays in December. On other Sundays he goes to play golf. 
So I ordered, or asked him to do winter creaming hoe him winter cleaning means cleaning windows. Yes of course I helped him or I did with him. 
There are, ok let's count the number of windows including small one such as the windows in the washroom, wooo 60 windows.
He used a kind of wiper and clean the windows mainly the outside with the wiper and water, I cleand the inside of the windows using cleaner and clothes.
It was a heavy . I hope our shoulders won't hurt in a few days.

Anyway our winter cleaning is almost finished.

I have a plan to have a Chirstams party with my students and neighbors. I started to prepare something for it.

They are kind of pyneatas.

I put something which gives Christmas atmosphere here and there in my house.

Now Chirstams is just around the corner , isn't it?

Wednesday, December 02, 2015