Sunday, December 13, 2015


What? Today, it's Sunday, Yuki stays home. For him, it was only this day to stay home on Sundays in December. On other Sundays he goes to play golf. 
So I ordered, or asked him to do winter creaming hoe him winter cleaning means cleaning windows. Yes of course I helped him or I did with him. 
There are, ok let's count the number of windows including small one such as the windows in the washroom, wooo 60 windows.
He used a kind of wiper and clean the windows mainly the outside with the wiper and water, I cleand the inside of the windows using cleaner and clothes.
It was a heavy . I hope our shoulders won't hurt in a few days.

Anyway our winter cleaning is almost finished.

I have a plan to have a Chirstams party with my students and neighbors. I started to prepare something for it.

They are kind of pyneatas.

I put something which gives Christmas atmosphere here and there in my house.

Now Chirstams is just around the corner , isn't it?

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