Friday, January 29, 2016

ONO YOKO : From my window

Have you ever heard of the name "ONO YOKO"?
If you know her name, do you know of her as an artist? a writer? a pacifist or John Lennon's wife?
For me she is a writer and John Lennon's wife. And The surprised thing for me is that though she is over 80, she is still active and tries to disseminate something to the world.
So I really wanted to see her exhibition, and went to TOKYO. The Exhibition is being held in Tokyo.
Fortunately my elder daughter T was available on the day.


It was a weekday, so not so many people were there.And the people there are in their various generation, and they are all "fashionable" because they seem to be interested in Ono Yoko, or a big fan of her. (Actually I also tried to wear something fashionable as much as I could)
I think it's difficult to have  such atmosphere the place and people make in Utsunomiya, even at the art museums in Utsunomiya. It's the reason why I like Tokyo, and it's the reason why Tokyo makes me a little bit tired.
Have you ever heard of the word "bag piece"?
The aim is showing inside without outlook.
---- difficult, to tell the truth, her works were all difficult to try to understand specifically.
So I enjoyed just with my feeling.
Anyway we can make this work by myself.
Just there are big black cloth bags. one is for an adult, one is for a child, and the other is for two adults.
I put it on.
And I performed.
The sigh said "do your daily action".
So I did.
Can you guess what I did?

I tried to shake someones hand.
I did my welcome pose.
And I bowed saying "YOUKOSO" in Japanese style.

My daughter T was laughing.
It's OK, making myself freely in this huge public place brought me a lots of fun, and laughing.

It was an attractive day in TOKYO.


Rosa said...

I *love* Yoko Ono's artwork. If you are interested in seeing more, there is more of her art at the John Lennon museum in Saitama. It's very thought-provoking!

Mieko said...

Thanks for your comments,Rosa. Unfortunately the museum was closed in 2010. Have you been there?
In this exhibition, we see some photos of the couple. However they have more works which express Ono youko as a woman who has strong will. It was really interesting. If I had a chance to listen to her lecture, I would join one.

Rosa said...

Oh no! I had no idea the museum had closed in 2010. That's too bad. I went there ten years ago in 2006.

Yoko Ono does seem very strong willed. I like this characteristic. I would also love to hear her speak.