Monday, January 18, 2016


It was snowing until noon, now it seems to stop.
Because of snow, today's morning chores had been changed. I gave to go out by car.
I had some things I was going to to in the morning, like going to bank, sending mails from the post office, and so on.
Instead of them I decided to PC works, ---
however, "thanks to the snow", I had four calls from friends. All of them said "How's snowing? I thought you are staying home, because of snow. " then "I also gave up to go out, so let's talk on the phone for a while!"
I seldom talk to of them so it's OK. I'm happy. It means I spent the half of the day with chatting.
Additionally, Yuki is absent from work, because he is sick (not so bad). It's unusual thing.
So -- I need to nurse him, serving tea at 10, serving lunch at 12, and now it's time to serve tea and snack .


Anyway today I want to do DANSYARI of my PC --- it means I want to organize my PC files, because I need to use windows10.
My pc is unfortunalty getting old like me. Before moving to windows 10, I need to reconsider all files and old software programs.

Today, it's Wednesday, though we have snow a little, it's sunny.
Yuki recovered and go to work as usual.
He has a good noise. He seldome reads my diary, but councidently, he read this report. And said "exaggerated, just served a cup of tea" ---- it's right.

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