Tuesday, January 26, 2016

We are struggling with the new telephone.

It is our new telephone. We  had used the previous one for about 20 years. It had still worked however it consistently made noise. So we changed it into this new one.
These days people they don't have home telephones are increasing, though we still use one.
What we want is to be able to call, and to be able to do FAX, -- I almost forgot, and an answerphone message.
However ---
How many buttons it has except numbers.
The red button is an answerphone message.
What are these under the message display?????
I don't like read the "thick" instruction manual.
Anyway I can call, and answer.
Anyway I can send a FAX --probably, but I don't know I can receive a FAX because it is put into the SD card.
Anyway I could set the answerphone.
We were able to get too simple telephone. But it was not enough. I had wanted a telephone with a just few options.
Too simple, or too complicated --- it's tough to catch up current technology.

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