Thursday, May 26, 2016

A private rose garden and rose jam

The other day I visited a friend'a garden, and I also vvisit anoternfreidn's garden
The friend, she, is into roses, and her husband also is into fruits. So not only roses  there many fruit  flowers,like blureberies, oranges, YUZU citron, and others  in the garden. 

Of course the garden is beautiful, however The main object to visit there is not to appreciate the beautiful garden, I visited there to pick roses and make jam.
They grown edible roses without using pesticide.

I got these. The pink one is delicious, but the color is too light.
The red one is a little bit bitter,but the color is very vivid red.
So I mixed them.

I boiled them about 15 minutes,and added pectin,

Here it is .
The red comes from just roses. Can you believe it.
 How wonderful the day was!

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