Saturday, May 21, 2016

Current Japanese snack for high school students

The other day a French boy who is 18 years old came to my house, so suddenly I called on my high school students and hold a welcome party .
And I told them to bring your favorite Japanese snack.
These are like this,
Rice crackers, chocolate with green tea taste, cookies, KINOKONO-YAMA chocolate for adults (it's difficult to explain it. KINOKONO-YAMA chocolate is very very very popular chocolate snack for kids, the shape looks like mushrooms which is KINOKO in Japanese. And the chocolate is usual milk chocolate, but these days a new one was released for "adults". the chocolate is a little bit better, and the mushroom stem is  a crisp pretzel (traditional one is a biscuit), Japanese gummi candy and --
dry squid with vinegar taste. This has a long long --long histry. Yuki used to eat it as his snack.
This time I know it has a CM song.

If you are interested in it, I'll send one to you!!!!!

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