Monday, May 09, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

Yesterday it was Mother's day. How did you spend the day?
Well, well, since I updated this blog, one week has passed. Yuki and I had a wonderful, busy, happy, tired, and satisfied about 10-day holiday (--though on Friday both of us worked) doing tasks of "perfect" grandparents.
Next I'll update about our holiday.
On Friday I had a lesson, so my student made cards for their mothers.
I "made" them to commend their mothers. It seemed to be very difficult for them, while in some parts using "English words" made it easy.
For example, they don't like to write "KIREI" in Japanese, but they don't mind the word in English "beautiful".
So they wrote "beautiful", "kind (sometimes)", "funny", "smart".
And I "made" them to write more in Japanese.
To do it easier, I prepared about 100 cards with compliment words. They chose some cards with a big laugh.
For example "genki ga iine" , which means you have a lot of energy, "Shikkari shiterunne", which means you are super down-to-earth.
At night two junior high school students came, I "asked" them to make cards. They said "OK". so they made their postcards to their mother. I "asked" them to present it to their mom. However I don't know whether they actually did it or not. Anyway the touchy students express some compliment to their mother, it is enough.

On that day, Yuki and I "didn't" call to our mothers, because we met them during the holiday.
And though my elder daughter called me, my younger daughter didn't call me because probably it was the same reason.
Yuki and I went out to buy good quality and reasonable "TOCHIGI brand beef"  to a special butcher which it takes about 40 minutes by car. Yuki wanted to do BBQ at the garden with the meat.
I was not so interested in the meat, but I wanted to drop by at a café which recently opened.

The café is in the forest, and serve "Japanese tea with Japanese sweet"

And of course when we got home, we did BBQ.

Well, well, these days I started to check how much we "use" for our leisure, tasty things, and so on.
I'm not going to save money for them too much, just I want to make sure.
One of reasons, my income ( my pocket money from my English school)  decreased, and Another reason is we are thinking about our pension life in 5 or 10 years. ( I hope Yuki will work until he gets 65)

Anyway yesterday we spent  10000  yen on having lunch at a restaurants, buying special beef, dropping by at café, buying beer and fruits for BBQ at a supermarket.

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