Sunday, May 29, 2016

Lazy Sunday

It is Sunday, and it's almost around 4PM.
Today I decided to be lazy. However as Yuki woke up at 5:30, I also woke up.
Yuki went to play golf from early morning --- and --
I decided to be lazy, it means I don't make any plans to go out.
And I decided to do some things which come up mind.
First --- I noticed some eggs are left, so I tried to make smoke eggs with my quick smoke pan. HOWEVER --- one idea came up.
I went out the garden and picked some rosemary and fennel.
I made special dip-sauce and
I soaked tongue into it --- for about five hours.
It was the first thing I did in the morning.
I cleaned the rooms, organized gardens -- and
I tried to make two-layered tea.

I knew if the specific gravities of two kinds of liquid are different, when they are mixed (slowly, and softly) , they became a two-layered tea.
However --- I failed.


But it was tasty. I used  Mango-habanera syrup instead of sugar,
and I made lemon juice with honey.
I thought the specific gravity of lemon juice would be heavier.
It was right. My mistake is adding hot water into honey  to dissolve honey
Next time I'll make it completely.

While I was cleaning rooms, I also made refresher for shoes and mats using soda powder and some aroma oil.



After having lunch, it was time to  dry the meat.

In the afternoon, I made a leaflet of my club in English, and checked my house budget.


In 10 minutes I'll start smoke.
I hope I can make it.

I did it. A little bit salty. No problem.
I wonder what time Yuki comes back?

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