Saturday, May 14, 2016

One week has passed since the busy and enjoyable 7 day holiday.

Today, it's Saturday, isn't it? One week has already passed since the days with my younger daughter M and my ground daughter Akari.
This week, though I didn't think it would be busy, I was in and out so that I couldn't have time to sit at PC. 
we spent about 50 thousand yen for the holiday. I don't know it was expensive, reasonable, or cheep.
HOWEVER, what I can say is that "we owe our feast to "YUKI's PRIZE".
Do you remember that  on the first day of the holiday it was only day for Yuki to play golf, and he won a prize of "meat". The meat had a really good quality.
Tochigi prefecture is a little bit known with the brand meat. Of course it's expensive. And this time the brand meat was prepared as one of prize. And he won it.
When M and Akari came here, we did SHABU-SHABU, which is the way to eat  beef dipping a few second "saying shabu shabu" in hot water. A special shabu-shabu pot is used at restaurants, but we don't have one, so we used a just a big pot. Well, well, my mother-in-law must store one somewhere.
We did SHABU-SHABU using Yuki's prize, ground meat ball I made for Akari (but it wasn't needed, she ate the same meat as we ate), spinach, and SHITAKE mushrooms.

The next day, I fried another his prize "pork" with ginger. They were really soft and delicious.

Then the next day I made hamburger using his prize "ground beef"

Probably we saved about 15000yen at least. Luck us! Thanks Yuki.
This time I didn't mention the cost of his attending fee of the golf game.

And next day I cooked chicken.

and big pan cake.

My oven worked very hard.

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