Wednesday, May 25, 2016

School lunch at cafe

If you know about Japan, you've heard about school lunch. At most of elementary school, and public junior high school, school lunch is served every day.
When I was an elementary school children, especially when I was in the first and second grade, the school lunch used to be ---- not so tasty. I hate "powdered skim milk". --- Have you had one?
And when I was in the third grade, usual milk appeared, and ---  sometimes coffee-tasted milk, fruit-tasted milk were served. I would look forward to them.
And the taste of school lunch is getting better, better --- and is really improved. Every kids are looking forward to school lunch, of course there are some students who don't like it.
And I don't know why, anyway these days "school lunch" is focused. In my city a café which is supported by our city started to serve school lunch, every Tuesday.
I went to have it.
Here it is.
The menu of the day is beef-bowl ( rice and tasted-beef are served separately, and we put tasted-beef on the rice by ourselves.), salad, miso-soup.
Usually at school milk is also served, however, the place is café, so milk is omitted.

I managed to come there, so I didn't drink coffee there. I "managed" to go another café to have "delicious coffee".

Can you see the cost?
The usual coffee is served at 300 yen, and espresso is served at 150 yen, and AMERICA-NO (at the café, it is the name) which means espresso mixed with hot water is served 150 yen.
==== I ordered of course AMERICA-NO.
We call such type of coffee American, which means thin coffee with mixed hot water, or light roasted coffee. It depends on the café.

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