Friday, May 27, 2016


Now I'm in my 50's. To round off the number of my age  --- I'm around 60, so I'm called "ara-kan(Kan means 60 years old) generation.
of course Yuki is the same.
I don't know until when he continues works  " for" me. We try to save money for our retired life, however these days it's difficult to use our money for my granddaughter, our hobby, and to visit Tokyo to see our mothers (and Akari)

What I can say, is I've started to count years when I close my English class.
Now having English classes is a kind of my work to improve the quality of our life and gives me energy after our daughters' leaving here, and give an opportunity to interact with young people.

So at the same time I've started to think about my life in my  60's. I focus to make or join a local community to enjoy something through English.
Not to learn, not to teach --- just enjoy something using English.

For example, the other day I held a meeting to make handmade postcards with HAIKU.
Most conversation was Japanese, but we try to translate our HAIKU (the shortest poem with three lines in the world) in English and send them into foreign countries.
(I'll hold it again, so if you join this event, please let me know it. I don't open your comment.)

I'm thinking to hold a temporary meeting, not a regular meeting.
For senior people it's difficult to keep the schedule, they or we sometimes get sick, or sometimes to go to their family to help them, nurse them, or  --- something.

To continue a temporary meeting, I need one-day members? temporary members?  -- so I want many local people to know that I organize such an event.

So I went to ask to put a brochure on the bulletin board at the community center.
They usually accept brochure of meetings which are not commercial, and are holed at a commuty center. So I thought it would be difficult.
---however, they accept it/

I don't know whether I get call from someone or not. Anyway it is the first step to do something I can do in this local area.
And after the talks, I dropped by at a café and had lunch for myself:

And --- I dropped by at a garden shop, bought some seedlings and made this container.

From the evening my lesson started.
It was my Thursday.

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