Wednesday, May 18, 2016

visitng the garden of my friend

One of my friend, she is into gardening. 7 years ago she retired earlier, though she is as old as I. Then she has started "reorganizing " her garden which used to be organized by her mother-in-law. U fortunately her mother-in-law passed away a few years ago. (It means my friend's nursing task finished at the same time). And from next year she holds "open garden" for spring and summer.

She called me so I visited there with the woman who lives next to my house.
The neighbor is 10 years older than I, but she is a good person and (I think) we have kept a good relation ship since I came here about 30 years ago.
When I was in the 20's , 30's and 40's, she always helped me. Now I tried to give some information to enjoy her senior life.

So I decided the day as "enjoying the day".
In the morning she came to my house and cooked for our friend whom we were going to visit.

I simmered black lentils with palm sugar and coconut powder and added some cardamom.
For us, it was the first challenge,--- and "perfect".

Next we baked this which is called "rose pie" using sliced apples and pie dough.

And we had lunch by ourselves at each house. (To tell the truth I needed to take a nap for a while.)
And in the afternoon, we visited the garden.

And three of us had a good tea time.

What a relaxing and calm day it was!

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