Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I made Peach cobbler

Yesterday, I made "peach cobbler". Than I thought, it was easy.
And than I thought, fresh peaches which are now in the season were expensive , so I used canned peaches.

While it was being baked in the oven, I tried to make espresso coffee by this gadget.
Do you remember? I "still now" continue to dispose 15 things a week. And last week I tried to dispose it. However before I did it, I checked its price. This gadget came from my daughter's house. It was almost disposed. -- Yuki showed the interest to it and we took it our home. However we hadn't used it.
It costs more than 15000 yen. We thought "mottainai" (wasteful) if we disposed it without using it.
However we didn't have suitable coffee. So I bought coffee on the Net. It costs 900 yen.

Perfect cream.

Perfect peach cobbler.
In the nick of time a friend dropped by my house, so I served quarter of it.
And I took another quarter of it to my next-door neighbor.
And the other was eaten for our breakfast  and my tea-time snack.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday has started

How was your weekend?
Yuki and I went to TOKYO to attend a meeting to celebrate my mother-in-law's BEIJYU.
This year she became 88 years old. "bei" of beijyu  means rice in Kanji of Japanese. The kanji of rice is taken apart to three kanji such us eight, ten , and eight. It means 88. so we call the age of 88 BEIJYU.

Yuki's mother and his elder brother's family, his younger brother's family, my family, and my younger sister's family attended it. -- of course Akari came, so there were 14 members . It was a big party.

Yuki's mother managed to come to SHIBUYA-station, however to her home she used taxi. Probably it is the first time to take taxi from Shibuya to her home. it costs just 160 yen by train, though it costs about 6000 yen by taxi.
She "loves" to save money, it means not to be stingy, she "loves" to give pocket money to her grandchildren. (This time she gave pocket money to her grandson-in-law, it means my younger daughter's husband). So she seemed to be shocked to know how high the taxi fee was. (On her way to home, my daughter was with her, so I heard it later. Additionally I already gave a bill of 5000 yen to my daughter.)
In Tokyo it's difficult to transfer by car. The road is congested and difficult to find parking lots.
It might be the last time to hold a party in the middle of Tokyo where is easy to access from everyone except her.

Anyway we had a good Sunday.
---in one month, Yuki , I and "my mother" are going to KOUYWA-SAN by "lots of "train, yes it's a summer travel. It sounds ----(please you can guess)  and "fun".

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Have you made Peach Cobbler?

In July, I try to organize a workshop for "making couplet poetry with rhymes."
I searched some rhymes and poets mainly made by kids.

And I found an interesting poem book, it is A-Z of summer

P is for Peach Cobbler
Perfect dessert for a warm summer's day
Enjoyed all over the US of A
A cobbler -- a pie with no bottom crust
Can be made with many fruits, but a must
Has to be peach -- it's just so summery
Cherries work, as do most types of berry
Of course apples and rhubarb are common too
But we all have our favorites -- do you
Best thing is, you can whip one up real quick
Luscious and juicy -- simply fantastic
Even writing this verse makes me want one
Ready to go and turn on the oven

So I want to bake peach cobbler
I got some recipe, however if you've cooked one once or sometimes, please share your recipe.

Friday, June 24, 2016

I made it!!

It's my Home Bakery. This time it worked well. Can you see the number 1:45?
When I (or HB) baked bread, it usually takes three and a half hours. This time it took  1 hour and 45 minutes.

It baked ---

Pizza dough.

 I got a zucchini. To tell the truth I'm not good at cooking zucchini, because the vegetable is not familiar with me.
However, I wanted to cook tasty.
So I try to make pizza.

Perfect!! I know the shape is not perfect. Don't mind!!!
I put sliced zucchini, and put some "say sauce" and olive oil.
And I put mozzarella cheese.

It was easier than I expected, and it was "tastier" than I expected.
Ok, this summer I'll cook zucchini pizza!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

My volunteer activity at the East library

Yesterday it was the day to do a volunteer activity at the East library.
This year I stopped most of my volunteer activities, however only this activity at the library is continued.

Three times every two months I do my volunteer activity at the library.
Yesterday it was a weekday, so not many people came there. The people there were mainly some senior people or some mothers with babies.

These days I've searched what English picture books are stored or hidden in the library with the members of my English Picture Work Shop club. (there are only three members in the club this year.)

After we got permission, we went down the book store room and checked what books are stored in the shelf.
This time I took about 20 books, and we introduced 6 books to the audience who came to the openroom after hearing the announce.

Of course in the library they open mainly Japanese books and they don't have enough room for foreign books  especially foreign English picture books.  However they store some English picture books. Once they are stored in the store room, they are seldom open. Especially old picture books are buried even they are on the list of the books. 
So we offer the librarians to change the books constantly. They don't know which books are suitable, so we search, choose  and suggest them to let the books
I have a question.
Can you see the book of "who made me"?  It is a British book.
The illustrations are really realistic and some kids have nothing on or "natural", even though they are really cute. Probably here in Japan we don't see such pictures on the "picture book".
And a member who used to live in America, also said it would be permitted.
Have you seen or do you use such books which have real nude  illustrations?

Monday, June 20, 2016

How was your father's day?

Did you celebrate your father's day?
Well, in my case, my father and my father-in-law has already passed away, so --- I celebrate the day for Yuki instead of my daughters.
Oh, I have to tell that  ---- to their credit,
our elder daughter called us anyway and she said "next time we meet, I'll present something for you (it means me) and dad!" ( we don't know how many times we hear such word!)
my elder daughter also called us, however  as soon as she called us, we changed the way to talk into skype, it means we "enjoyed" seeing and talking our granddaughter. -- so the calling for father's day finished in a second.
Well, well, our son-in-law presented a good quality of SAKE to Yuki. It was a perfect present.
And I accepted his proposition (is it a suitable word in this case?) and we went to a new "noodle" shop. They serve "mazesoba". Have you heard "mazesoba"? Probably you've heard "ramen".
The origin of mazesoba is probably ramen, because it is served a kind of ramen shop.
Mazesoba is kind of ramen noodle without soup.
When it is served, you should "mazeru" ,stir it hardly with Chinese chili oil (layou).  It looks caustic.
And at the end, you put some rice and agine "mazeru".

Well, well, unfortunately I wouldn't eat it, so I just tried a bit, and ate GYOZA.

After that we enjoyed dessert at another shop.
Do you know this type of cake, we call it savarin.
This is my mother's favorite.
It means some younger people than us don't know it. Recently  a cake shop they only serve savarin opened. It is said "if you come here by car, you can't eat our savarin because it includes lots of alcohol". (so if you go this shop by car, you should take one to you home.)

When I was a little girl, on special days we would eat cake. Children would eat strawberry "short cake " (probably in English layered cake) and adults would eat savarin which had lots of alcohol.  Well, my mother doesn't drink alcohol, but she loves cake which has alcohol.

Friday, June 17, 2016

before Father's Day

This coming Sunday is Father's day, isn't it?
Have you prepared something for your dad? or for your husband? yet?
This week I do the lesson for Father's day. What is the lesson for Father's day?
Just read some picture books and make cards.

Though I don't know why, anyway always students seem to have difficulty to give compliments for their fathers.(In my case my husband)
My friend introduced me a nice page for compliments.
So we are learning compliment words now.
Well, well can you see the word "well-built", his father, this card was written by a boy who is in the ninth grade, is --- actually "f**" and "hea**", which word came up with him first. However we tried to change into the word "well-built" (He said he has no  little muscle) .
Happy Father's Day!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

SHITAKE mushroom "AHIJO"

Well, well, I can't find a word "AHIJO" in English. What do you call "ajillo (Spanish)" in English?
These day "AHIJO" is getting popular in Japan.
ajillo means dish fried in garlic oil.
The other day I went downtown and there a festival was held by welfare groups.

There they sold handmade bags, sweets and etc.
I bought these SHITAKE mushrooms.
Can you see a paper bag? To make such paper bags using old newspaper is one of their job.
I "intentionally" bought small SHITAKE mushrooms. because --
I made "AHIJO".


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

KIRIRURI art festival

Last Sunday Yuki and I went to KIRIFURI highland where is close to NIKKO. It takes about 40 minutes by car. There during June some pensions are open to one day guest, so we see their collections.
At this pension, they open their picture book collection. And this day they held a workshop of picture book reading by an author who lives in NIKKO. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to see it.

At this pension the owner is also an artist to make stained-glass.  In each room her (the owner is a lady) works are put. And this rooms is for "comic" lover.

At this pension we see some works by KAGAWA DAISUKE who also lives in NIKKO.
There is a big fall called KIRIFIRI NO TAKI . I climbed up (Yuki walked up) to see it.
Probably about 20 years passed since we saw it once. To be surprised the walking path to the fall is set out neatly, so it was easy for us to walk on the path with usual shoes. (Probably even with heels)
There we had "lunch"  I made. (This time we wanted to eat something outside, and I wanted to save money)

Then we went to a private house which was the main purpose of us this time.
It is a house of an artist who makes artistic doors. It is called KIKAGAKUDOU. (though the HP is written in Japanese, you can see his works.)
He and his wife lives in this highland.

They live in nature --- it means, this is a big room with a glass ceiling and without windows.
They always face to the nature, enjoy the summer time and "fight" (they said enjoy) the difficult winter.

This is their main room.
We talked them for a while. Their live seems completely different from Yuki's life as a "salary man" (which means business man) . Yuki seemed to re-consider his life.
It's good to know that there are many many life styles.
After long interval we enjoyed nature and talking with people who seem to live in another world.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Lamb cooking -2-

While I ordered lamb block for our cooking event, I also ordered --another lamb for lamb stake.
Of course ---- for Yuki (and me)

It was the first time to cook it by myself. Yuki also worried about "my" cooking, so "we" cooked it together according to the procedure manual.
To be surprised, it said "not to use oven" "use pan".
and "not to use high temper" "use low temper".
Well, well, though you might the way to cook, I'll introduce it.
First put some olive oil and garlic in the pan, and warm the pan and add garlic flavor to the olive oil.
Next "stand" the lamb (after sprinkling some salt and pepper) on the pan, it means you put the bone side up.
And grill lamb at low temper while scooping the oil in the pan and putting on the lamb.
It took around 8 minutes.
Then we laid the lamb and grilled both side. it took around 8 minutes to grill both side at "low temperature".

Well, well, unfortunately we didn't stock red wine, so we enjoyed it with white wine poured into a usual glass. These days it is "prohibited" for Yuki to use a wine glass. As soon as he holds one, he breaks it. I don't know "why".

Thursday, June 09, 2016

lamb cooking -1-

Last Tuesday three ladies came to my house and did lamb cooking.

This year I sometimes (until now once a week) hold Mary Poppins cooking club.
Reading the recipes on the book, we challenge to cook them.

This time, the menu was Irish stew and topsy-turvy cake.
Actually I cooked Irish stew using lamb. Because the process was simple, but it took more than three hours. So I started to organize it from 7 o'clock, and before the ladies came at 10:30 I already put the pot in the oven. The first picture is taken at 7:30.
For you living in foreign countries, lamb cooking must be popular, however for Japanese people it's not so popular. And usually we can't buy lamb at usual super market, though we can get sliced lamb for Korean BBQ.
So this time I ordered block lamb to a special lamb butcher on the net. Net shopping is really convenient, and my cooking world has broadened.
I consider why we don't eat lamb so often. Goat and sheep meet are a little bit stingy, and tough.
However good lamb is tasty.
Probably Japanese people used to eat fish and chicken, in Meiji period as foreigners landed in Japan, cow-meet was introduced. And we have cows at farm. However we don't have sheep for our diet.
So even now not so many people eat lamb.
--- I think.
Anyway the perfect cooking, (Well no members know what is perfect. if the dishes we made are tasty, it is called "perfect")
we enjoyed Himalayan tea, it has the same taste of Darjeeling tee. It is in reason, Nepal is close to Darjeeling province.
We shared in the expense. However while they're at it  I ordered lamb stake meet personally.
I'll write about the meet later.

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Last weekend

Last weekend, "suddenly" my younger daughter and Akari came to my house and stayed one night with us.
On Saturday we had already have planed something,  -- dentist, car-shop, golf-practice etc.
So Akari went along with us on everything, except golf-practice. While Yuki was taking golf-practice we were at a park nearby.

Of course at night we ate meat. Though Akari is about 2 years old (she will become 2 years old this July), she "can" already eat usual "meat".
And on Sunday

It was a sunny day, so we did a kind of BBQ at the garden.
And we went to a bookstore nearby.
On the day a man who is a son of a nearby electric appliance  shop owner hold his live performance.
He is probably in the middle of 30's.
As a neighbor we went to see "him".

As I expected some neighbors came, but --- unfortunately not so many audience.
We were going to listen to his live, but the sound was too heavy for Akari to listen to it, so we went to a book store and spent a time for a while.

And -- my younger daughter and Akair came back to TOKYO with these pre-cooked dishes made by me .

So I cooked "our" pre-cooked dishes on Monday. cooking, cooking, cooking, it was my Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.
And the cooking is continued ---. I'll update another cooking  on my next blog.


Friday, June 03, 2016

In TOKYO -2- my liesure time

After I see my mother off at a subway station, I went to a place I've wanted to.
In this hotel they sell Lamington whose origin is Australia, or someone sais New Zealand.
I knew this sweet in a picture book "Possum Magic" . The sweet is sold only at this hotel, so I've wanted to come and get it.

And the café in the hotel is also famous for all-day live at café time.
So I had a good herbal tea listening to the piano & violin performance.
(Of course it costs very expensive, can you guess how much is it?)

Then I dropped by a famous bakery which sells only SYOKU-PAN (a loaf of bread? a sandwich loaf)

Fortunately I got this number ticket, and waited in a line for 20 minutes.

Here it is. The loaf was too hot to keep the shape until I got home. From Tokyo it took about 3 hours to my house.

Because I took a local train and bus to save my money.

I had a wonderful leisure time.