Wednesday, June 01, 2016

A letter from Akasaki Wednesday Post office

It is Wednesday, today.
Last Wednesday, I got this letter from AKASKI-POSTOFFICE".
It "was" a kind of event.
I'll try to explain this art event in English. (Unfortunately they don't have their English site.)
AKASAKI-POST OFFICE is not a post office. It is the just name of a building.
It is near the seashore in KUMANOTO in KYUSYU (Fortunately it didn't have any damage from the sever earthquake in April.)
The building used to be an elementary school.  There students used to swim in the see, or fish from the windows of the hallways. In 2010 it was closed because of deceasing the number of students.
However some people wanted to do use the place for people to communicate.
So, on Wednesdays they opened it as a post office and started to accept letters from anyone who joined their event.
If someone write a letter about their Wednesday story and send the letter to the post office, the post office becomes an mediator, and sends another letter  to someone (of course this person also sent their letter to the post office).
So someone get someone's letter on "Wednesday"  (the post office manages to do it) from someone and knows someone's Wednesday story.
I hope you understand it.
This event was finished last March.
I knew this event at the end of March, so I was wondering whether my letter would be accepted or not.
However my letter would reach to the post office within a time limit of it.
Because I got the letter from someone.
So probably someone got my letter on a Wednesday.
The letter was written by a woman who is in her 70's, I knew it in the letter.
She wrote her calm Wednesday, no complain, just watching her Wednesday was written in the letter.
What a calm letter it is.
The letter came last Wednesday, but I wanted to tell you this calm  and happy thing on Wednesday.

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