Saturday, June 25, 2016

Have you made Peach Cobbler?

In July, I try to organize a workshop for "making couplet poetry with rhymes."
I searched some rhymes and poets mainly made by kids.

And I found an interesting poem book, it is A-Z of summer

P is for Peach Cobbler
Perfect dessert for a warm summer's day
Enjoyed all over the US of A
A cobbler -- a pie with no bottom crust
Can be made with many fruits, but a must
Has to be peach -- it's just so summery
Cherries work, as do most types of berry
Of course apples and rhubarb are common too
But we all have our favorites -- do you
Best thing is, you can whip one up real quick
Luscious and juicy -- simply fantastic
Even writing this verse makes me want one
Ready to go and turn on the oven

So I want to bake peach cobbler
I got some recipe, however if you've cooked one once or sometimes, please share your recipe.

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