Monday, June 20, 2016

How was your father's day?

Did you celebrate your father's day?
Well, in my case, my father and my father-in-law has already passed away, so --- I celebrate the day for Yuki instead of my daughters.
Oh, I have to tell that  ---- to their credit,
our elder daughter called us anyway and she said "next time we meet, I'll present something for you (it means me) and dad!" ( we don't know how many times we hear such word!)
my elder daughter also called us, however  as soon as she called us, we changed the way to talk into skype, it means we "enjoyed" seeing and talking our granddaughter. -- so the calling for father's day finished in a second.
Well, well, our son-in-law presented a good quality of SAKE to Yuki. It was a perfect present.
And I accepted his proposition (is it a suitable word in this case?) and we went to a new "noodle" shop. They serve "mazesoba". Have you heard "mazesoba"? Probably you've heard "ramen".
The origin of mazesoba is probably ramen, because it is served a kind of ramen shop.
Mazesoba is kind of ramen noodle without soup.
When it is served, you should "mazeru" ,stir it hardly with Chinese chili oil (layou).  It looks caustic.
And at the end, you put some rice and agine "mazeru".

Well, well, unfortunately I wouldn't eat it, so I just tried a bit, and ate GYOZA.

After that we enjoyed dessert at another shop.
Do you know this type of cake, we call it savarin.
This is my mother's favorite.
It means some younger people than us don't know it. Recently  a cake shop they only serve savarin opened. It is said "if you come here by car, you can't eat our savarin because it includes lots of alcohol". (so if you go this shop by car, you should take one to you home.)

When I was a little girl, on special days we would eat cake. Children would eat strawberry "short cake " (probably in English layered cake) and adults would eat savarin which had lots of alcohol.  Well, my mother doesn't drink alcohol, but she loves cake which has alcohol.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful Father's Day celebration. Of course you know I love gyosa but Yuki's dish looked interesting, as well. We also have rum soaked cake along with other types but they aren't too popular and you only see them served occasionally. My favorite is a coconut rum cake. Whiskey is sometime used in old fashion fruit cakes at Christmas to keep the cake moist. Jan

Mieko said...

Jan, the word "savarin" is not a English word? And Yuki asked the word you used "interesting" is a positive word? I think "Natto" is strange and this noodle looks curiois.