Thursday, June 02, 2016

In TOKYO -1- with my mother who is 80 years old

This past Tuesday I went to Tokyo to see my mother and take her --- to a place.
Before taking the aimed place we dropped by here.
Do you know this place?
Since April it has been open to the public. It is GEIHINKAN, the State Guest House.
It seemed not to be so far from YOTSUYA-station, actually we can see it from the train platform at hand.
However it was  a little bit far for my mother who is 80 years old.
Moreover  though we see the garden for free, to enter the main house it costs 1000 yen per person and we needed to wait for more than 30 minutes because many people were waiting.
The aim of the today was not to visit there, so we just saw the garden and went to the "destination".

Anyway, if you are interested in the State Guest House, check the HP. It is not always open.
Our aim of the day is to go to a gallery in GINZA MITSUKOSHI department store.
My daughter's work is exhibited with other's works.
The them of this art exhibition was "rose".

So she made rose with Japnaese paper.
(Unfortunately this time it seemed not to attract any buyers.) 
And we went to "the real destination", it means --- to eat TEMPURA for our lunch.
In the department store, at a restraint we can eat TEMPURA sitting at the bar. So the Tempura chef serves fresh tempura as soon as he cooks one.
This is Anago-tempura.
The long thin one is a bone of Anago. (Anago is conger?)

After eating several kind of tempura, rice is served to finish up. BUT not just rice, we can choose TEMPURA-don, TEMPURA-soup rice with green tea, or mixed TEMPURA and Rice
This is Tempura-soup rice with green tea. We eat it after poring green tea.

We had a good lunch. Then I took my mother to DEPACHIKA.
DEPHACHIKA are department store basements, filled with high-quality food shops.  This is GINZA-MITSUKOSHI department, which is a topnotch department store. The quality is very very high and --expensive. Do you know why are these shops in the basement? One of the reasons is that, in big cities depachika connect to subway stations. so it's really easy to access from the station to food shops.
Actually after her shopping, she went to the subway station directly with lots of bags, and went home.

Then I enjoyed my time in Tokyo.


Rosa said...

I used to work in Ginza. Mitsukoshi is such an elegant store! I love the art exhibits. How wonderful that your daughter's art is there. :)

Mieko said...

Thanks for your comment, Rosa.
She is really lucky and we really than to people who support my daugher.
These days the department store is getting popularized,, however it is still famous as a high grade department store. And my mother seemsed to be very happy to go there and to were her grand daughter?s work there.