Friday, June 03, 2016

In TOKYO -2- my liesure time

After I see my mother off at a subway station, I went to a place I've wanted to.
In this hotel they sell Lamington whose origin is Australia, or someone sais New Zealand.
I knew this sweet in a picture book "Possum Magic" . The sweet is sold only at this hotel, so I've wanted to come and get it.

And the café in the hotel is also famous for all-day live at café time.
So I had a good herbal tea listening to the piano & violin performance.
(Of course it costs very expensive, can you guess how much is it?)

Then I dropped by a famous bakery which sells only SYOKU-PAN (a loaf of bread? a sandwich loaf)

Fortunately I got this number ticket, and waited in a line for 20 minutes.

Here it is. The loaf was too hot to keep the shape until I got home. From Tokyo it took about 3 hours to my house.

Because I took a local train and bus to save my money.

I had a wonderful leisure time.

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