Tuesday, June 14, 2016

KIRIRURI art festival

Last Sunday Yuki and I went to KIRIFURI highland where is close to NIKKO. It takes about 40 minutes by car. There during June some pensions are open to one day guest, so we see their collections.
At this pension, they open their picture book collection. And this day they held a workshop of picture book reading by an author who lives in NIKKO. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to see it.

At this pension the owner is also an artist to make stained-glass.  In each room her (the owner is a lady) works are put. And this rooms is for "comic" lover.

At this pension we see some works by KAGAWA DAISUKE who also lives in NIKKO.
There is a big fall called KIRIFIRI NO TAKI . I climbed up (Yuki walked up) to see it.
Probably about 20 years passed since we saw it once. To be surprised the walking path to the fall is set out neatly, so it was easy for us to walk on the path with usual shoes. (Probably even with heels)
There we had "lunch"  I made. (This time we wanted to eat something outside, and I wanted to save money)

Then we went to a private house which was the main purpose of us this time.
It is a house of an artist who makes artistic doors. It is called KIKAGAKUDOU. (though the HP is written in Japanese, you can see his works.)
He and his wife lives in this highland.

They live in nature --- it means, this is a big room with a glass ceiling and without windows.
They always face to the nature, enjoy the summer time and "fight" (they said enjoy) the difficult winter.

This is their main room.
We talked them for a while. Their live seems completely different from Yuki's life as a "salary man" (which means business man) . Yuki seemed to re-consider his life.
It's good to know that there are many many life styles.
After long interval we enjoyed nature and talking with people who seem to live in another world.

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