Thursday, June 09, 2016

lamb cooking -1-

Last Tuesday three ladies came to my house and did lamb cooking.

This year I sometimes (until now once a week) hold Mary Poppins cooking club.
Reading the recipes on the book, we challenge to cook them.

This time, the menu was Irish stew and topsy-turvy cake.
Actually I cooked Irish stew using lamb. Because the process was simple, but it took more than three hours. So I started to organize it from 7 o'clock, and before the ladies came at 10:30 I already put the pot in the oven. The first picture is taken at 7:30.
For you living in foreign countries, lamb cooking must be popular, however for Japanese people it's not so popular. And usually we can't buy lamb at usual super market, though we can get sliced lamb for Korean BBQ.
So this time I ordered block lamb to a special lamb butcher on the net. Net shopping is really convenient, and my cooking world has broadened.
I consider why we don't eat lamb so often. Goat and sheep meet are a little bit stingy, and tough.
However good lamb is tasty.
Probably Japanese people used to eat fish and chicken, in Meiji period as foreigners landed in Japan, cow-meet was introduced. And we have cows at farm. However we don't have sheep for our diet.
So even now not so many people eat lamb.
--- I think.
Anyway the perfect cooking, (Well no members know what is perfect. if the dishes we made are tasty, it is called "perfect")
we enjoyed Himalayan tea, it has the same taste of Darjeeling tee. It is in reason, Nepal is close to Darjeeling province.
We shared in the expense. However while they're at it  I ordered lamb stake meet personally.
I'll write about the meet later.


Anonymous said...

A new adventure for all of you..what fun! How did the cake taste to you? It looked lovely ...worthy of selling in a bakery. It looks like what we call an " upside down cake."
Lamb is not so common in most of the USA, either. I think that Euopeans brought the idea of lamb dishes here. Over the years there has been a lot of controversy between sheep and cattle ranchers because sheep are said to be very hard on the land because they eat the grass too close and it dies. Still true? I do not know, but most Americans do not eat a lot of lamb and it's rarely on a menu in a restaurant. Jan

Mieko said...

Thanks for your comments Jan. I didn't know that lamb is not so common. I thought lamb would be Nick's favorite, so you often would cook it for him. And it?s also new to me there is such a controversy between sheep and cattle. Later II'll research it.
Well. On my next blog I'll introduce our lamb steak. I wish meek were here with us.