Friday, June 10, 2016

Lamb cooking -2-

While I ordered lamb block for our cooking event, I also ordered --another lamb for lamb stake.
Of course ---- for Yuki (and me)

It was the first time to cook it by myself. Yuki also worried about "my" cooking, so "we" cooked it together according to the procedure manual.
To be surprised, it said "not to use oven" "use pan".
and "not to use high temper" "use low temper".
Well, well, though you might the way to cook, I'll introduce it.
First put some olive oil and garlic in the pan, and warm the pan and add garlic flavor to the olive oil.
Next "stand" the lamb (after sprinkling some salt and pepper) on the pan, it means you put the bone side up.
And grill lamb at low temper while scooping the oil in the pan and putting on the lamb.
It took around 8 minutes.
Then we laid the lamb and grilled both side. it took around 8 minutes to grill both side at "low temperature".

Well, well, unfortunately we didn't stock red wine, so we enjoyed it with white wine poured into a usual glass. These days it is "prohibited" for Yuki to use a wine glass. As soon as he holds one, he breaks it. I don't know "why".

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