Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Last weekend

Last weekend, "suddenly" my younger daughter and Akari came to my house and stayed one night with us.
On Saturday we had already have planed something,  -- dentist, car-shop, golf-practice etc.
So Akari went along with us on everything, except golf-practice. While Yuki was taking golf-practice we were at a park nearby.

Of course at night we ate meat. Though Akari is about 2 years old (she will become 2 years old this July), she "can" already eat usual "meat".
And on Sunday

It was a sunny day, so we did a kind of BBQ at the garden.
And we went to a bookstore nearby.
On the day a man who is a son of a nearby electric appliance  shop owner hold his live performance.
He is probably in the middle of 30's.
As a neighbor we went to see "him".

As I expected some neighbors came, but --- unfortunately not so many audience.
We were going to listen to his live, but the sound was too heavy for Akari to listen to it, so we went to a book store and spent a time for a while.

And -- my younger daughter and Akair came back to TOKYO with these pre-cooked dishes made by me .

So I cooked "our" pre-cooked dishes on Monday. cooking, cooking, cooking, it was my Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.
And the cooking is continued ---. I'll update another cooking  on my next blog.


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