Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday has started

How was your weekend?
Yuki and I went to TOKYO to attend a meeting to celebrate my mother-in-law's BEIJYU.
This year she became 88 years old. "bei" of beijyu  means rice in Kanji of Japanese. The kanji of rice is taken apart to three kanji such us eight, ten , and eight. It means 88. so we call the age of 88 BEIJYU.

Yuki's mother and his elder brother's family, his younger brother's family, my family, and my younger sister's family attended it. -- of course Akari came, so there were 14 members . It was a big party.

Yuki's mother managed to come to SHIBUYA-station, however to her home she used taxi. Probably it is the first time to take taxi from Shibuya to her home. it costs just 160 yen by train, though it costs about 6000 yen by taxi.
She "loves" to save money, it means not to be stingy, she "loves" to give pocket money to her grandchildren. (This time she gave pocket money to her grandson-in-law, it means my younger daughter's husband). So she seemed to be shocked to know how high the taxi fee was. (On her way to home, my daughter was with her, so I heard it later. Additionally I already gave a bill of 5000 yen to my daughter.)
In Tokyo it's difficult to transfer by car. The road is congested and difficult to find parking lots.
It might be the last time to hold a party in the middle of Tokyo where is easy to access from everyone except her.

Anyway we had a good Sunday.
---in one month, Yuki , I and "my mother" are going to KOUYWA-SAN by "lots of "train, yes it's a summer travel. It sounds ----(please you can guess)  and "fun".

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