Wednesday, June 22, 2016

My volunteer activity at the East library

Yesterday it was the day to do a volunteer activity at the East library.
This year I stopped most of my volunteer activities, however only this activity at the library is continued.

Three times every two months I do my volunteer activity at the library.
Yesterday it was a weekday, so not many people came there. The people there were mainly some senior people or some mothers with babies.

These days I've searched what English picture books are stored or hidden in the library with the members of my English Picture Work Shop club. (there are only three members in the club this year.)

After we got permission, we went down the book store room and checked what books are stored in the shelf.
This time I took about 20 books, and we introduced 6 books to the audience who came to the openroom after hearing the announce.

Of course in the library they open mainly Japanese books and they don't have enough room for foreign books  especially foreign English picture books.  However they store some English picture books. Once they are stored in the store room, they are seldom open. Especially old picture books are buried even they are on the list of the books. 
So we offer the librarians to change the books constantly. They don't know which books are suitable, so we search, choose  and suggest them to let the books
I have a question.
Can you see the book of "who made me"?  It is a British book.
The illustrations are really realistic and some kids have nothing on or "natural", even though they are really cute. Probably here in Japan we don't see such pictures on the "picture book".
And a member who used to live in America, also said it would be permitted.
Have you seen or do you use such books which have real nude  illustrations?


Marta Goebel said...

Yes, I have seen such books- they are mostly educational books for children, so they learn about human body on their age appropriate level.

Mieko said...

Thanks for your comments, Marta Goebel
You live in the U.S.A, don't you? however such books are popular. Thanks I'll tell it to my friends.