Wednesday, June 15, 2016

SHITAKE mushroom "AHIJO"

Well, well, I can't find a word "AHIJO" in English. What do you call "ajillo (Spanish)" in English?
These day "AHIJO" is getting popular in Japan.
ajillo means dish fried in garlic oil.
The other day I went downtown and there a festival was held by welfare groups.

There they sold handmade bags, sweets and etc.
I bought these SHITAKE mushrooms.
Can you see a paper bag? To make such paper bags using old newspaper is one of their job.
I "intentionally" bought small SHITAKE mushrooms. because --
I made "AHIJO".


1 comment:

Rosa said...

Those look delicious!

I can't think of any word in English that is the same as ahijo. Maybe we would just say "garlic + [food]." Like: Garlic mushrooms. Garlic shrimp. Garlic mashed potatoes.

Now I'm hungry! :)